Dance Among the Water Lilies (Danse dans les Nymphéas) • Nach and Ruth Rosenthal, 7 lives (7 vies)

7 pm and 8.30 pm, Salle des Nymphéas

June 19th, 2023
Nach et Ruth Rosenthal
Nach et Ruth Rosenthal
© Charles COUTY

Do not dispute a woman’s power; emphasise it. This piece, the result of a collaboration between the dancer and choreographer Nach, the Krump’s rising star, and the singer and songwriter Ruth Rosenthal from the duo Winter Family, engages in sensitive dialogue and builds a network between all women, regardless of their differences. 

In this meeting, two artists from different worlds and disciplines compare their two paths and personalities: The young French choreographer Nach deploys a sensitive form of dance via the Krump’s highly codified practice and technique. The second artist is an Israeli singer, songwriter and performer; she and her partner, the musician Xavier Klaine, form the Winter Family group. In 7 lives (7 vies), a piece created at the Festival d’Avignon during Long Live the Subject (Vive Le Sujet), bodies and voices tell a story, a glowing narrative of the self that is also the story of all women; the two artists become many in order to demonstrate what it means to be a women. Through the power and precision of dance, through posture, speech, narrative and music performed by first one then the other, and at the same time: the desire to live bursts forth like an exploration of new horizons.

Nach and Ruth Rosenthal
Nach and Ruth Rosenthal
© Charles COUTY

A meeting devised by Nach with Ruth Rosenthal
Design, text and performance:Nach and Ruth Rosenthal
Music: Ruth Rosenthal

Produced by: Nach Van Van Dance Company
Jointly produced by: SACD (Society of Playwrights and Composers) –Festival d’Avignon – La Rochelle National Choreography Centre, the Royaumont Foundation’s Choreographic Creation Centre
With support from: Festival de Marseille, MC93 Maison de la Culture at Seine-Saint-Denis (Bobigny), France
With support for choreographic creation provided by the Ministry for Culture, DRAC Île-de-France, France


Doors open at 6.30 pm

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Monday 19 June 2023
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