Vidéo • Sam Szafran seen by Emmanuel Régent

Emmanuel Régent
© Bénédicte Oisel

« What interests me most in Sam Szafran's work is the part I call « the way out ». In many of his works, not all of them, but many,  there's  always that leads the viewer to escape. There's an escape plan. »
Emmanuel Régent


Corps de texte

Emmanuel Régent lives in Villefranche-sur-Mer and in Paris. Draughtsman, sculptor and painter, he sands his paintings, tears his watercolors, collects pieces of wrecks while apnea or draws with black ink queues, the sea, poisoned plants, remains of planes or cities in ruins.

«I came across Sam Szafran's work by chance in the library of the École des Beaux-Arts. I came across a book devoted to his drawings and I still remember my interest in this unfinished plant...»

In the exhibition « Sam Szafran », the artist Emmanuel Régent evokes the work of the master of pastel with regard to his own work.

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