The Age of Anxiety

American Painting in the 1930's

From October 12th, 2016 to January 30th, 2017
Grant Wood-American Gothic
Grant Wood
American Gothic, 1930
©The Art Institute of Chicago/DR

The 1930s were decisive in more ways than one for a modern art scene coming to the fore in the United States, at a particularly complex moment in its history when there could be no cut-and-dried definition of American modern art.
From abstraction to "socialist" realism, the esthetic worlds of painters like Marsden Hartley, Georgia O'Keeffe, or Edward Hopper operated side by side, confronting each other in the same creative centers.
Mounted jointly with the Art Institute of Chicago, this exhibition will feature a set of fifty to sixty pictures taken from prestigious American public collections (Art Institute in Chicago, the Whitney Museum or the Museum of Modern Art in New York...) and also private collections, whose diversity reflects the great richness of this pre-World War II period.

The exhibition is now over.

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