Dance Among the Water Lilies • Ruth Childs, fantasia

7 pm and 8.30 pm, Salle des Nymphéas

November 18th, 2024
Ruth Childs
© Marie Magnin

Beethoven, Tchaikovski, Dvořák… Replaying the memories triggered by the symphonic music she listened to with her family as a child, Ruth Childs dances a colorful self-portrait, a fanciful abstract piece, a nod to Walt Disney’s classic.

After first appearing among the Water Lilies with her recreation of her aunt Lucinda Childs’ solos, the young choreographer returns with a creation that examines other memorial strata, digging deep into the layers of physical and emotional memories triggered by classical music.
With a score as elegant as it is mischievous, Ruth Childs takes over the space sonorized by Stéphane Vecchione, in order to invoke, play with, dialogue with, embody and address her musical memories. This one and multiple performative body, which transits from projection screen to human figure, to animal or floral creature, to musical instrument or simple vibration, assumes, guides and examines the notions of intimate and collective.

Ruth Childs
Ruth Childs
© Marie Magnin


Choreography: Ruth Childs
Sound design: Stéphane Vecchione
Choreographic eye: Maud Blandel
External eye: Nadia Lauro
Costumes: Cécile Delanoë
Production and distribution: Lise Leclerc and Cecília Lubrano
Produced by: Scarlett’s
Jointly produced by: ADC/Geneva, Arsenic/Lausanne, Atelier de Paris/CDCN
Support: Pro Helvetia Swiss Foundation for Culture, Loterie Romande, Nestlé Foundation for Art, SIS Swiss Foundation for Performing Artists, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Reso Programmers’ Fund – Dance Network Switzerland, Tanzhaus Zürich, The Floor NYC, Corodis.


The Scarlett’s/Ruth Childs company benefits from a joint support agreement concluded with the City of Geneva / Canton of Geneva / Pro Helvetia (2024-2026).

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  • Monday 18 November 7.00pm, 8.30pm Salle des Nymphéas
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Monday 18 November 2024
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