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Dada Paradis

A contemporary work inspired by the Dada performances at the Café Voltaire.
A journey, a short stop, a parade… Drums and trumpets, the Dada Paradise performance will join in the exhibition Dada Africa. Moving around the gallery and relating to the artworks, the show is a colourful explosion of choreographic, dramatic and musical forms. Its exotic fantasy takes the spectators and draws them into the magic of an era.

In partnership with the National Drama Centre Les Tréteaux de France, the Paris Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and the French National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Paris.

Design and staging: Caroline Marcadé
Texts et poems: Tristan Zara, Apollinaire, Jean Arp, Picabia, Max Ernst…
Music: Poulenc, Satie, Auric, Milhaud, percussions africaines, chants océaniques…
With the musicians of the Paris Conservatoire
Performers actors - dancers - singers: Anna Fournier, Marie Sargeant, Julien Léonelli…