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The Poet Assassinated

Adapted and directed by Isabelle Hurtin
Performed by ten actors from the Ness theatre company

After Alcohols and Cubist Painters, the book The Poet Assassinated appeared in October 1916. It is a largely autobiographical short story in the form of an imaginative, fanciful transposition of the author’s destiny.
Between fiction and reality, Apollinaire moves between the life he has lived and the dreams and fantasies of his imaginary destiny in order to tell the story of a poet with the comical name of Cronamiantal, a Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man, who could well resemble himself, and who would take on the poetic adventure of all time. He is born, dies, then brought back to life to take part in the 1914 war, an experience that inspired the poet to write The Case of the Masked Corporal which completes the book.