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Picasso is a Celebration!


Actors from the National Drama Centre Les Tréteaux de France, directed by Robin Renucci, join forces with university students, all Apollinaire specialists, to explore the links between the poet and the art world in all its forms.

Picasso is a Celebration!

The figure of Harlequin, Picasso’s double, appears in all of Apollinaire’s writings on the painter. By selecting three artworks that feature the wonderful fairground, the lecture explores the links between painting, poetry and art criticism, from the acrobats of the Pink Period to the fireworks of Parade.

Emilie Bouvard, curator, Musée Picasso
Emilia Philippot, curator, Musée Picasso
Stéphane Guégan, art historian, Musée d’Orsay