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Evening Event: On the trail of the Blue Rider

Thursday 28 March 2019, from 7.30 to 11pm

In partnership with Time-out Paris, the museum is presenting a new format that includes immersive theatre, escape-games and a festive evening event based on the exhibition Franz Marc/August Macke. The Adventure of the Blue Rider. Come into the museum after dark and plunge into an amazing world where concerts, riddles, performances and artistic experiences come together to tell you a story…


Franz Marc, Les premiers animaux [The First Animals], 1913
Private Collection, courtesy Neue Galerie New York © Neue Galerie, New York


While the world was preparing for war, somewhere in the mountains of Bavaria an artistic revolution was taking place. For two years, people had been talking about a group with a strange name: Der Blaue Reiter - The Blue Rider.
Their names were Kandinsky, Marc, Macke, Klee and Delaunay. At this evening’s special event, they will open the doors of their world to you.
The Blue Riders invite you to a huge musical improvisation among the Water Lilies, with immersive theatre, enigmatic and philosophical performances. Will you be able to understand them? Or even better, join them…

Come and join us on 28 March from 7.30pm onwards, and discover the complete programme.