A conversation with... Giuseppe Penone

Friday, 24 February at 7pm

On the theme of the Water Lilies, leading figures from the art world are invited to share their admiration for Monet and talk about how they found sources of inspiration in the painter’s work for their own creations. These talks will be led by Philippe Piguet, art historian and journalist.


Giuseppe Penone © All rights reserved

A leading figure of Arte Povera, Giuseppe Penone, born in Garessio (Italy) in 1947, quickly distinguished himself by developing a body of work based on the concepts of flow and growth, focusing on exploiting the sculptural qualities of a wide range of materials. Using bronze, glass, marble, stone, leather, even snake skin, etc., Penone is unequalled in his feeling for the nature of any given material in a situation that examines its primordial nature. In this context, the tree, for him, is a sign of universal value whose constituent elements – roots, trunk, bark, leaves and branches – are the pretext for emphasising the fundamental condition of being alive. In his work, the artist readily employs craft techniques to design works whose ultimate purpose is as much to reveal the processes that shape existence as to reflect on the very nature of artistic creation. An artwork, on the whole, that is more arte natura than arte povera, as in this Arbre aux voyelles [Tree with Vowels] that he created in 1999 for the Tuileries Gardens.