Contemporary creation: À la dérobée

Friday, 8 January 2016 at 7pm

Taking as her starting point Sylvia Plath’s poem Mirror (1961) and developing the metaphor of the mirror as the primary echo of the act of looking, Marcelline Delbecq performs a reading: a mix of essay and fiction, enriched with little-known yet compelling documents.
For À la dérobée [Stealthily] the author drew heavily on her own experience: a spectator until her adolescence, she then studied photography before becoming a writer. It was when she discovered, in the family archives, the photograph taken in the 1930s of a woman hunched over a medium-format camera - an image, incidentally, that the author used for the cover of her book, Camera (Manucius, September 2015) - that the idea of a specifically feminine view of the world became firmly established in her mind.
Accompanied by projections of cinematographic, literary, photographic and choreographic documents, past and present, the reading of À la dérobée invites the spectator to follow a train of thought, a voice and gazes off-screen, creating a unique experience.