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The Table

La Table

Though this still life is made up of traditional objects (a coffee pot, a bottle, a fruit bowl and pieces of meat), its treatment is surprising. Here we are witness to a true dance of objects that totally disturbs our perception.The table is bent into a curve on the right side, the objects stretch and twist, rise up, and float above the table instead of being set upon it, with the exception of the piece of meat on the left that alone seems to weigh down the table. The fruit bowl is off balance. We cannot tell what the coffee pot is set upon. As for what appears to be a leg of venison, it seems to be resting on the table by only one point.The pieces of meat are brought to life by nervous brushwork and curving lines that make the blood red tones resonate. The green of the table, which is curiously empty on the left, and the duller green of the background make the red tones of the flesh stand out

Provenance: Paul Guillaume; Domenica Walter