Video • Sam Szafran seen by Gregory Buchert

Gregory Buchert
© Sam Szafran © Vidéo : Musée de l'Orangerie / Direction du numérique

« Szafran appeared to me through his charcoals as a kind of phenomenon, like an island in the middle of art history and in the middle of a kind of night of art history. This idea that he was always on the fringe or difficult to connect to a current is something that has never left me. »

Corps de texte

Gregory Buchert, visual artist and writer, was born in 1983. Fascinated since his adolescence by the work of Sam Szafran, discovered in the pages of an exhibition catalog, he kept a diary of a suburban wandering and his desire for a hypothetical meeting with Szafran in his first novel, « Malakoff » (Gallimard, coll. Verticales, 2020), imagined during a creative residency in the eponymous city.