Les Animaginaires de Lily [Lily’s Animagination]

From 3 July to 26 August 2019, Les Animaginaires de Lily (‘Lily’s Animagination’), a series of short animated films, will be shown three times a day:

  • Fine arts: sessions at 10am, 1pm and 4pm

  • Music: sessions at 11am, 2pm and 5pm

  • Nature: sessions at 12pm and 3pm 


Olie’s Forest © Reina Kanemitsu


In partnership with Films pour enfants. Each session is made up of several short films and lasts around thirty minutes.
Free, without advance booking, auditorium level -2.

Sessions at 10am, 1pm and 4pm


Dripped © Léo Verrier

The Sleepwalker
By Théodore Ushev, 2015, 4’21

Anthology with cranes
By Kōji Yamamura, 2011, 1’55

Spots spots
By Yuanyuan Hu, 2011, 4’15

Strange fish
By Steven Subotnick, 2017, 3’42

Lost and found
By Jeff Scher, 2007, 2’50

Googuri, Googuri
By Yoshiko Misumi, 2010, 8’22

By Léo Verrier, 2012, 8’22

Sessions at 11am, 2pm and 5pm


Leitmotif © Norgard, Thorhauge, Jorgensen

De planeta
By Leonardo Cavaletti, 2013, 1’56

L'inspecteur et le parapluie
By Maël Gourmelen, 2016, 2’10

By D. Martinez-Lara and R Cano-Méndez, 2016, 8’01

Les ailes du papillon
By Benjamin Gibeaux, 2006, 9’17

By J. Nørgaard, M. Thorhauge, M. Jørgensen and M. Ilene, 2009, 7’06

Sessions at 12pm and 3pm   

Story of flowers
By Azuma Makoto, 2017, 3’46

By Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet, 2016, 0’58

Pigeon Pilfer
By Michael Stevenson, 2008, 1’36

Ahco on the road
By Soyeon Kim, 2007,8’27

By Steven Subotnick, 2014, 1’28

Ollie's forest
By Reina Kanemitsu, 2013, 1’46

By Kirsten Lepore, 2011, 5’25

An object at rest
BySeth Boyden, 204, 5’53