Films and documentaries now showing

To extend the visit, the Museum is making the auditorium freely available for the public to see the continuous screenings of documentaries linked to the permanent collection. These enable the visitor to find out more about the period covered by the Museum and to have a better understanding of a particular artist’s expression.Visitors can choose to watch a film as a complement to the current exhibition.


Tarentella, Abstronic, Bells of Atlantis, Gyromorphosis, Evolution, Hurry! Hurry!, N.Y., N.Y.
Duration: 59 mins
Screenings at 9.20am 12.20am and 15.20pm

The pursuit of Happiness, Moods of the Sea, Sredin Vashtar by Sakhi, Meshes of the Afternoon, In the Street.
Duration: 61 mins
Screenings at 10.25am, 1.25pm and 4.25pm

Written by Pierre Georgel, in collaboration with Judith Wechsler (2006)
Produced by Judith Wechsler in collaboration with Jean-Paul Fargier
English subtitles
Duration: 44 mins
Screenings at 11.30am and 2.30pm